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Southern Style Snow Day!


“The first fall of snow is not only an event, it is a MAGICAL event. You go to bed in one kind of world and wake up in another quite different, and if this is not enchantment then where is it to be found?” -j.b. priestley

Backstory: On Tuesday Adeline came home from school all sorts of excited. She was CONVINCED that it was going to snow. I looked up the forecast, and from what I could see there was no sign of snow. (For those that don’t know…we live in Arkansas near the Mississippi border)

Me: Adeline…I just don’t think it’s going to snow.

Adeline: Yes it WILL, Mom! You’ll see!

I don’t know WHERE she get’s here stubborn attitude from. It must be from her Daddy’s side. *insert sassy girl emoji here*

By Thursday the forecast DID predict snow, but we still weren’t convinced. Adeline’s school had sent a text telling us that they did NOT anticipate cancelling school but if they did we would know by 530 am Friday morning.

545 am we got the text. NO SCHOOL. It was in fact a SNOW DAY! We couldn’t wait to tell the kids. For us Idaho grown kids this was something we celebrated on many occasions growing up, but we knew this day was RARE!

We woke the kids up and had them each look outside at their “SURPRISE!” Both were SO excited and couldn’t wait to go play! Tavish tried to head out the door in SHORTS!

Struan figured he had to work, because where we are from this would NOT be considered a snow day. Major bummer! So we kissed him goodbye and crossed our fingers he would be able to come home and play with us. As luck would have it, he did! We ended up with about an inch of snow , and the truck drivers didn’t want to drive in it. So he headed home, with Sonic in tow!

After our yummy lunch  we threw on our snow clothes (ok, let’s be honest here…we didn’t have snow clothes…so we made do. Pajama bottoms under jeans. Layers of socks, and rain boots would have to do) and went out to play!

Daddy hitched up a KNEE BOARD (insert laugh here) and tied our trusty dog Moose up to the board to run the kids around the yard. The concept was FABULOUS, the execution not so much. Moose was not thrilled & Struan ended up pulling the sled instead.

After our MAGICAL frolic through the snow that lasted hours and hours on end….

Ok…it lasted MAYYYYBE ten minutes and that is me being generous. We tromped back inside to enjoy some nice Hot Apple Cider. Put our clothes away and snuggled up in blankets to warm our freezing selves.

Later we decided to make gingerbread houses (we may have forgotten before Christmas…whoops!) so Adeline and Struan teamed up…while Tavish and I were ready to kick some major gingerbread booty.

Tavi and I tried to put one wall together, but when we went to secure the other it all came toppling down. There was also an icing incident that we won’t go into detail about. So instead we sat there munching on gingerbread house remains dipped in icing…cheering on Adeline & Daddy.

As you can see we didn’t even come close to winning. Who invented this tradition anyway?! I mean seriously!? I don’t get it. It’s a tedious tradition…one I am likely to pass on for the rest of my time as a mother.

After that it was baths, dinner, and downtime. We are currently watching ALL of the Star Wars movies and Friday called for Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Tavi is obsessed with Jar Jar Binks. Adeline wants to be Padme…and Me…I am still trying to figure out what the BLEEP is going on. I THINK I like the movies..but the verdict is still out…did I mention this is my first time seeing Star Wars? True story!


I am proud to say Snowmageddon was a SUCCESS in our home. One that was filled with many memories we will cherish in years to come.

It was most definitely NOT picture perfect. There were tears (snow in the face), a few temper tantrums, and some moments of stress. But I have decided that I like it that way.

Perfect day’s are boring, besides when is any day 100% picture perfect? I’ll give you a hint…they aren’t! If you are looking at perfect pictures on the internet of other Mom’s…thinking you wish you had their life…remember you are seeing one TINY piece of the BIG picture. You don’t know their life…trust me when I say…it ain’t as glamorous as they make it out to be…they have kids too…and unless they are robots…their kids have issues too.

So remember THIS: The ONLY thing that matter is YOUR front porch looking in, and how you choose to view it.

Me? I choose to see the good moments for what they are, and the not so perfect ones I try to find the humor or the lesson hidden behind it. Some of my most favorite days are the days that were complete disasters…I look back and can’t help but laugh.

Go easy on yourself! You do NOT have to be a Pinterest Mom..You do NOT have to be PTO president…You do NOT have to be the Mom who has it ALL together. You just gotta do what you can do…and accept that YOU are enough! That nobody else can do your job better than you! Nobody else can raise your babies…this is YOUR gig..and you are more than qualified to handle it!

HI! I’m Makala Clark, and I’m a Mom. I had my first kid when I was Twenty One years-old, and I’ve been running late ever since. My days are filled with taking care of my kids, and my home, and my dog, and my husband, while trying to figure out what the *BLEEP* I’m supposed to do with my life once they leave the nest.  At least once a day, I feel like the worst mom in the world, and I cry in closet.This chick may seem like she’s got it all figured out. But I feel like I’m screwing up all the time.

Still, I love being a Mom.

And I know you do too! So just enjoy the journey girl! You got this!

XOXO Makala