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Sticky Blessings

Happy Monday You Guys!!! I found myself in a puddle of TEARS over Peanut Butter this morning…


As many of you know…this last year our finances took a BIG hit…A hit that caused much heartache…

I haven’t told this story before…but last Spring as we were traveling home from ID to AR we stopped to buy our kids dinner…Only to find that our account had been drained by an unexpected payment…We were STUCK in Denver and our kids were HUNGRY…

We felt helpless & like complete failures…how were we going to feed our kids? How were we going to get home? I dug through my purse and found an old Walmart gift card my grandmother had given us for Christmas…dialed the number and PRAYED it hadn’t been used…Fortunately the big guy upstairs was looking out for us, and we were able to buy the kids food.

Today, I sat at the counter crying over this little tub of peanut butter….it may not seem like much to some…But I’m grateful for it…because it shows that I am able to feed my babies and I know there are many out there who don’t have the luxury.

Many who don’t know where their next meal will come from.

Some have asked me HOW have I stayed so positive when it seemed like my whole world was falling apart?! Trust me there were MANY moments that weren’t so pretty…But what I have learned is the more GRATEFUL you are, the more you find things to be grateful for. Even if it’s just a loaf of bread and a jar of peanut butter….those little things sure do represent a LOT.

Today. I challenge you to look around. See what you DO have, and say THANK YOU. You are blessed and loved more than you could possibly imagine, and even if life is HARD and doesn’t look the way you imagined…You STILL have something to be grateful for! You just have to open your eyes and SEE!