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Wakey Wakey Eggs & Bakey

6 AM Morning Glam Shot

Mornings are SO not my jam! So in turn BREAKFAST is not my jam either! I can do breakfast at 10 am if I don’t have to make it. My husband is the KING of breakfast and I let him proudly wear that title.

Unfortunately, my daughter inherited her Daddy’s love of breakfast. For years I have been able to get by with mediocre breakfasts, but a few weeks ago Adeline BEGGED me to make FANCY (her words) breakfasts before school.

There I sat with a decision to make. How was I going to look at that sweet, adorable face and say NO? But how was I going to pull my body out of bed every single morning at 5:30 AM to make breakfast. Trust me when I say, LOVE just isn’t enough. (Kidding, or am I?).

So, I decided the BEST solution would be to rely HEAVILY on my Slow Cooker & Instant Pot.

There were a few MAJOR let downs (french toast in slow cooker…big thumbs down) but we also have had some BIG wins as well.

So I’m excited to share with you our family’s Top THREE favorite breakfasts thus far.

  1. Apple Crisp found here. This recipe was made in the Instant Pot and took only EIGHT minutes to cook. I know Apple Crip is considered a “Dessert” but think about it. Apples – GOOD  Oats – GOOD! Therefore we count it as a delicious breakfast. Did I mention we had NONE left in the pot?
Apple Crisp Recipe Found At

2. Sausage Gravy Breakfast Pizza found here. This one actually took a little extra prep. No slow cooker & no instant pot. BUT the kids devoured the pizza, so it was totally worth the 30 minutes I lost in sleep time. Plus, it makes a LOT of pizza, so we were able to save some for snack later in the day.

Sausage Gravy Biscuit Recipe Found At

3. Slow Cooker Peach Oatmeal found here. Oatmeal is a STAPLE item in our home. Usually I rely heavily on good ol’ Mr. Quaker, but this was just as easy to make. We put it in the slow cooker right before bedtime, and woke up to a yummy breakfast that was ready to eat.

Slow Cooker Peach Oatmeal Recipe Found At

So while breakfast still might not be my favorite cup of tea. I am slowly warming up to this style of breakfast & the smile on the faces of my kids each morning totally worth it.

“If more of us valued food & cheer above hoards of gold it would be a merrier world.” J.R.R. Tolkien

XOXO Makala