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It Just Makes Sense: LipSense Review

January 2016 – Chapped Lip Life

>>Now This Is A Story All About How…My Chapped Lipped Life Got All Turned Around…And I’d Like To Take A Second Just Sit Right There…I’ll Tell You How To Have Soft Lips & Some Gloss To Spare<<

One year. It’s been one year since I woke up to this. A BIG, FAT LIP!  Apparently, I am allergic to Parsnips…of all things. Thanks Home Fresh for helping me try new foods.

I remember it like it was yesterday, I was headed out to California for a special trip. My lips were dry, cracked, swollen, and hurt. After popping Benedryl I tried SO many products to help the pain. Carmex was my BEST friend…or so I thought.

You see, dry lips have been something I have ALWAYS struggled with. It doesn’t matter WHAT the season, my lips are always peeling and honestly just gross. It’s amazing my husband married me.

Anyway last Spring, I started getting added into a LOT..and I mean a LOT of Lipstuff groups on Facebook….I was annoyed…

Don’t these ladies KNOW me? I’m CHEAP…I have TERRIBLY dry lips! I would NEVER want this product…

So I left…group after group after group.

Sidenote: To my MLM rocking #GirlBoss friends…a little advice…don’t add people to your groups unless you know they want to be there. You may think we will LOVE a product…but we are humans and a simple message goes a LONG way!

Back to story:

I then noticed that some of my friends were using this product and it looked AMAZING!!! Like totally legit! It got the wheels turning…but I wasn’t quite ready to commit.

Money WAS a major issue for me…I mean hello we had just moved back to Idaho and I was living in my parents basement! So I watched..and I waited…

And then I heard a fact that changed EVERYTHING for me. ONE tube of LipSense was equal to FOUR tubes of regular lipstick! I didn’t realize it but every time I went to town (small town girl) I was stopping at Ulta to pick up my favorite tube of NYX Transylvania. Which doesn’t sound like but..but $7 a tube starts to add up.

I was sold…so I asked a friend for a combo of colors to achieve my FAVORITE color. I instantly LOVED the product…yeah, it burned a little when I first put it on (sensitive lips) but it looked AMAZING….

And then it started to happen…the DREADED exfoliation process…I had been told about it but really didn’t “GET”it. My lips looked TERRIBLE! The color would flake..and I would have splotches EVERYWHERE!

Quick Tip: I don’t recommend a super BOLD color for you first time! Go with something a little more subtle because your lips WILL peel. Trust me.

What I have learned about the exfoliation process is that the products I have been using my WHOLE life, the products I thought were HELPING my dry, chapped lips were NOT! They were actually causing lots of problems!! So if you have sensitive lips like me…put the chap stick down and WALK AWAY!!!

I really love the product…but still wasn’t 100% sold on the colors I chose for myself. I even contemplated becoming a distributor for a hot second…but I think I’m better suited to be a customer!

Anyway…fast forward to a couple weeks ago when my girl Raegan @LipLoveWithRaegan watched a video I had posted on Instagram talking about how my lips have been so DRY, CRACKED, & BLEEDING! She reached out and saved the day!

She recommended using Coconut Oil and I’m not kidding you..within an hour my lips felt TEN TIMES BETTER! She then asked if I would be willing to try LipSense and give her feedback….

I told her I had tried it before but that I was TERRIBLE at picking colors! She offered to help me choose, she listened to my feedback, and I am SOLD! I mean, you can be the judge for yourself but I think she NAILED the perfect colors for me!

1. Razzberry Lipsense 2. Blackberry & Razzberry Lipsense 3. Praline Rose Lipsense

So here’s my thoughts on this whole CRAZY lipstuff train! I get being skeptical…I really do! I was the EXACT same way! Too much money, annoying groups, won’t work, yadda yadda yadda.

But I have really & truly found a product I love! My husband even comments on how SOFT my lips are! I don’t have to sacrifice my soft lips, for a gorgeous color! And I get to stuff my face with Tacos, and a Dirty Diet coke without it transferring! HOLLA!

If you want to know more about Lipsense be SURE to hook up with my girl Raegan! She is even offering YOU a DISCOUNT for mentioning Me (Hi, my name is Makala) or this blog post!

So if you have had any interest in LipSense be sure to connect with Raegan (see info below!)

Remember: “Joy is the best makeup. But a little lipstick is a closer runner up.” Anne Lamott

XOXO Makala

Raegan Anderson @ Lip Love with Raegan




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I Can See Clearly Now : Eye Buy Direct Review

Glasses: Eye Buy Direct (Atomic) – Book: The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy – Fox Mug: GiftCraft

In case you didn’t know. I am as blind as a bat. I’ve worn glasses since I was in the 3rd grade. Which unlike most kids, I was PUMPED about. I can remember being SO excited when they told me the good news. You see, I was the girl who wore fake glasses BEFORE fake glasses were cool.

I remember BEGGING my mom to buy me frames at the thrift store, we would then pop out the lenses and I would wear them to school. Anybody remember Sally Jessy Raphael? Those bright red glasses were the BOMB in my world.

I also shopped in the 60’s vintage section, but that’s a different post, for a different day.

After about a year the glasses got old, and I couldn’t WAIT to wear contact. Contacts have been my go to for about 14 years now. But last month, my last pair TORE. I have been meaning to make an appointment (my RX is expired) but just haven’t found the time.

Which was totally fine, I had my handy dandy glasses. Then one fateful night a RAMBUNCTIOUS four year old, happened to be doing one of his INCREDIBLE ninja moves and accidentally broke my glasses.

I tried many different options super glue, tape, I even tried saying a few magic words #OculusRepairo but nothing seemed to work. Then Struan had a fantastic idea that seemed to stick (no pun intended…well, maybe a little) HOT GLUE! Those bad boys stayed together fairly well, but every couple days my lens would pop out and I would have to re-glue.

So I decided it was time to find a NEW pair of glasses. My mom had recommended the site Eye Buy Direct which has INCREDIBLE prices so I decided to jump on board.


I was able to score this awesome pair of glasses for a total of $33!  Which if you are a four eyed beauty like me, you know is a KILLER price!! The frames were only $9!

I won’t lie, at first I was a little concerned with the price. What if I was just wasting my money? But I have been super impressed with their customer service.

Eye Buy Direct gives you a play by play of the process your glasses are going through before they reach you. Every few days you should expect to receive an email telling you what step they are on (ex: Frame Fitting) and when they should ship.

They showed up exactly around the time I expected them to, in a beautiful box, and they fit PERFECTLY! They also create frames for Men and Kids!

So if you are looking for a pair of spectacles (maybe you had an accident like me, or you want another fun pair) but don’t want to break the bank. Eye Buy Direct is the place to go. Have I mentioned they have a place to upload a photo of yourself so you can try on different pairs, to see what they will look like on?

They also have a 14 day return policy! So if you get them, and you don’t like them, NO BIG DEAL! You can switch them out! Pretty great right!?

Oh! I almost forgot the BEST part! I have the AWESOME bonus of sharing with you a $10 off coupon with your FIRST purchase!! Be sure to click the link to claim your discount!

>>Click Here <<

Remember: Life is to short to wear boring glasses! So why not be a little adventurous? Get out there and actually SEE the world!

XOXO Makala