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Punch Fear In The Face


Fear…Isn’t it a FUNNY thing?

It takes the most RATIONAL people we know…And turns them COMPLETELY irrational…

Guilty?! Me too!

Try to call Struan at work…can’t get ahold of him…immediately I fear the WORST! Maybe he was in a wreck…what if he fell off something at work…the list goes on and on…

It sounds silly…but it happens more often then I would like to admit…

A few months ago in Jamaica we decided to go Zip Lining…And Y’all I was scared out of my mind…A million SCARY thoughts went through my mind…The climb up to the top…made me SICK…my stomach was in knots…and I was on the verge of tears…

I had NO idea what I was getting myself into…Then they hooked me up and without hesitation sent me flying…

And you know what…It was INCREDIBLE!! I LOVED IT!!!

What if I would have given in to the fear? I NEVER would have gotten to experience the THRILL of the ride!!!


Fear…the scariest “F” word out there…

It lurks around corners, it waits for you in dark alleys, and it pops up in the most inconvenient of times…

Plain and simple…FEAR is a bully who doesn’t fight fair…

A few months ago my 3 year old fell off the top bunk…face first…it was a pretty serious fall…one that took a long time to recover from…Yet, it didn’t stop him from climbing up the ladder the next day and sleeping in his bed without any hesitation…

WHY?? Why is it that my 3 year old could punch fear in the face…

Yet here I sit paralyzed? Scared to follow what’s on my heart…scared to FAIL! Another pretty serious “F” word…

And I know I’m not alone. Because I hear it all the time from other women around me. Bottom line…we don’t feel like we deserve to dream big and pursue our dreams.

Here’s the cold,hard truth…You are the VICTIM of the rules you live by! {Jen Sincero}

So in order to punch fear right between the eyes…we HAVE to believe we are worthy of the life we want to live…We have to stop limiting ourselves…And then we have to take a step forward…trusting and believing in ourselves.

You’ve got to decide that you want something MORE than you are afraid of it!

{If you haven’t read You Are A BadAss, then I highly recommend it!}

Is there something out there that you have ALWAYS wanted to do…but have been too scared to try??

I’m issuing you a challenge…JUST FREAKING DO IT!!

Let go of FEAR…PUNCH it in the FACE if you have to…and take a LEAP of faith!

XOXO Makala



Hot Mess Mom. Jesus Lover. Taco Obsessed. Diet Coke Drinker. Mug Lover. Wannabe Yogi. Believer Of Magical Things.

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